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The Konjac sponge starts its life as part of a plant called Amorphophallus konjac, a native Yunnan province in China. The konjac thrives in warm tropical environments. The konjac as a beauty product is dried. It can retain a lot of water, which is why it is considered to be so beneficial to healthy skin. USES The Konjac sponge is seen as a facial massage sponge and known to stimulate the blood int he skin. It is a choice beauty product for many who want to achieve bright and healthy skin. FUN FACT Konjac is a food in many Asian countries and gaining in popularity outside Asia as an edible. We think if you can eat it, then it is safe to say you can use it on yourself safely too. Who was it that said, ?Never put anything on your skin that you wouldn?t put in your mouth??


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