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Eco friendly, chemical free shampoo barSLS free and completely plastic free. When changing from supermarket bottled shampoo to chemical free shampoo bars your hair will go through a transition period, but do not worry, this is completely fine and good for your hair! Once your hair gets used to the shampoo bars and your natural oils can start to work your hair will be happier and healthier than before!
Pepperminty – flavoured with peppermint and eucalyptus. Lemon sorbet – flavoured with lemongrass. Sleepy Meadow -flavoured with lavender and tea tree. Citrus Zing – flavoured with orange and grapefruit. Woodland Walk – flavoured with Lavender and Rosemary.


Minty Velvet, Lemon Sorbet, Sleepy Meadow, Citrus Zing, Woodland Walk


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