Pokito folding cups


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the perfectly-sizing pocket-ready reusable cup. From 16oz to stowed safely in your bag, pokito is the only reusable cup you?ll ever need – Pokito is meticulously designed and engineered to be the best everyday, reusable cup on the planet. pokito ? one cup, three sizes. How much do you want to drink today? Depends? No problem. Adjust your pokito cup to suit. Incredibly strong, light and durable. Designed to be used twice a day for two years or 1,500 uses. After just 15 uses, pokito pays for its environmental cost, even though it should last 100 times longer and it?s recyclable at the end of its life. The materials it’s made from are taste-free and odourless so it doesn?t affect the flavour of your drink. It’s the ONLY reuseable cup you’ll ever need.


Black, Red, Blue, Yellow


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